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  1. By placing an order and/or accepting an invoice, the client accepts the general terms and conditions, as specified here, and relinquishes any of its own specific or general purchase conditions that may be stated on its orders, letters or other commercial correspondence.


  1. INSTAJOBS BV will provide the service at the place and during the period as agreed.


  1. The work solely comprises that which was agreed in writing between the parties. Additional work, before or during the performance of the work that is assigned orally or in writing will be subject to set-off.


  1. INSTAJOBS BV is at liberty to accept or reject any assignment.


  1. The client undertakes to make a decision concerning the projects offered by INSTAJOBS BV within 30 days of receipt of the proposal.


  1. The client expressly agrees that INSTAJOBS BV will deploy all reasonable means and make every effort possible for the success of the project and that INSTAJOBS BV cannot be held liable under any circumstances for a defect in the result or for damage that arose as a consequence of the agreement entered into with INSTAJOBS BV.


  1. INSTAJOBS BV undertakes to treat all information received during the course of a project as confidential.


  1. The delivery times proposed by INSTAJOBS BV for completing the assignment will always be indicative and not strict deadlines. Delivery to the client of the assignment to be completed after the proposed delivery date can never lead to any right on the part of the client to compensation.


  1. INSTAJOBS BV may use the projects for its own promotional purposes unless other agreements to the contrary have been made.


  1. The parties furthermore undertake to strictly observe the Act of 8 December 1992 concerning privacy with regard to the processing of personal data. Any breach of these rules will automatically lead to termination of the contract at no cost for INSTAJOBS BV. The client undertakes to provide INSTAJOBS BV with any information that it reasonably requires to perform the assignment correctly and fully to a good quality. The parties undertake to treat the information obtained as confidential, both during and after the assignment. This limitation does not apply to information that is distributed or publicly available.


  1. Invoices are payable within 30 days from receipt to the bank account of INSTAJOBS BV. In the event of a failure to comply with the payment deadline, INSTAJOBS BV has the right to immediately bill for the part of the contract that has not been invoiced, where applicable.


  1. Any protest against the invoice should be made in writing and sent by registered post within 7 days of the invoice date.


  1. Any due and unpaid invoice will be increased by operation of law with late payment interest of 10% per year until the date of payment in full. The conventional interest rate of 10% per year will also remain in force after any summons, where applicable. The amount of any unpaid invoices will be increased by operation of law by a fixed penalty of 10% of the invoice amount (a minimum of EUR 50) by way of compensation from the day following the due date of the invoices, without any prior notice of default and on top of the principal sum, interest on arrears, and collection, default and prosecution costs.


  1. Contracts which are entered into by the client, or in his/her name, cannot be transferred to third parties.


  1. When the client withdraws an assignment it has issued, it must pay the entire fee that would be due to INSTAJOBS BV for the full performance of the assignment, and also the additional costs incurred in that regard.


  1. When circumstances independent of the will of INSTAJOBS BV mean that INSTAJOBS BV cannot be reasonably expected to continue to perform the assignment, INSTAJOBS BV has the right to disregard this assignment without being under any obligation to pay compensation or uphold any guarantee. In that case, INSTAJOBS BV will have the right to the fee for the work performed up to that time and to payment of the costs incurred up until that time, and it will be under the obligation to provide the client with the results achieved. If the conduct or actions of the client are the reason for which INSTAJOBS BV cannot be reasonably required to continue to perform the assignment, in addition to disregarding the assignment, INSTAJOBS BV will also have the right to receive the full fee for the assignment.


  1. The client indemnifies INSTAJOBS BV for any copyright claims regarding the materials supplied by the client which are used during the performance of the assignment.


  1. Belgian law applies exclusively to any dispute that may occur between INSTAJOBS BV and the client, and only the courts of Bruges have jurisdiction to hear such disputes.