A tightly-knit group of personalities

Some of us are extremely analytical types. Others are much more creatively inclined. We’ll leave it to you to find out who is who. Everyone in our team has his or her own expertise and this is something we’re incredibly proud about.

  • Nicolas
  • Daniel
    digital profiler
  • Charlotte
    Office manager
  • Nicolas
    Creative director
  • Maxime
    Brand designer
  • Thibault
    Digital marketeer
  • Nele
    Digital marketeer
  • Pieter-Jan
    Digital developer
  • Chanel
    Digital marketeer
  • Bryan
    hr manager
  • Julia
    digital marketeer
  • Marthe
    brand designer
  • Do we raise a glass to your new career?

Some of us like numbers, others like colours. But together, we are unanimously The List Media.

We’re always looking for shining talent and captivating people to join the team at The List Media. Contact us if you feel in your bones that you can do something for us.