M/V/X wanted who is cut out for our vacancy

No two days are the same at The List Media. Want to spend the day hidden behind your screen from 9 to 5 listening to Dutch and Belgian classics on Radio 2 blaring from the speakers while cold, weak coffee languidly drips away in the coffee machine? Well, this is NOT what it’s like at The List Media. Do you like coffee? We do too, but we prefer nice, strong espressos. How about laptops? We use those too, but we prefer blazing-fast Apple machines. Radio 2? Not here, but we do occasionally break out the DJ equipment. Dull moments? Just you try to find a dull moment among our giant jungle plants that make you feel as if you’re in the Amazon rainforest.


With no fewer than 4 blissful team-building events a year, the team feeling is more than good. And the local taxi firms earn a tidy sum with us on those days too!

Why not pop in and visit our office?

15 great colleagues

& 2 office dogs


including barista coffee


a day

only the best

Fancy coming to work with us?

What are you waiting for? Apply for this job now, and send us your details using the form below. If you’d rather email us, our address is: hr@thelistmedia.be