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To get seen these days, you really have to do your best. That’s why your research and communication strategy needs to be focused. To achieve this, we organise (various) internal workshops and tackle every aspect of your brand. We carry out various interviews and get right down to the essence of your company. The List Media creates a focused plan with you. We take into account what you want, current trends, environmental factors, the market, the competition and much more.

We create a unique story together with a dynamic brand experience. We create a striking name that’s easy to pronounce, and that is memorable, long-lasting, and not too descriptive or abstract. We create a distinctive logo with a timeless design that sends out an honest signal and gives the right feeling. To complete the picture, we create a house style.

Rebranding, over and over again

The List Media not only works on new brands, but also existing brands. There’s more need for this now that you might think. Did you know that branding that is – say – five years old, is already due an update?

The world is changing at a frenetic pace, and a strong brand evolves with it. You should be bold enough to question your brand so that you do more than merely give your logo a facelift. When we do rebranding, we remove the obvious part of the brand and breathe new life into it. Sometimes we use a completely new style, or make a subtle but crucial change.

Our sophisticated communication plan and years of experience give you the edge over your competitors. Are you curious to know more? Contact us for a strategic marketing consultation.

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