We want to get to know your brand inside out

Which target group do we have to reach? What is your ideal client? What is he or she looking for? Why should a prospect choose you? What distinguishes your company from the competition? What objectives do you want to achieve? The more we know about your company and your brand, the better we can develop our strategy. This in-depth strategic research is necessary and means you’ll never hear us say: ‘’We’re just going to try something and see how it goes.”

Good friends make clear agreements

The List Media aims for a high ROI and we gladly handle the marketing budgets you have invested in a useful way. That’s why – thanks to our targeted research – we do not have to deploy various tests during the initial months of your campaign which means there is a far higher chance of success. Furthermore, our expertise enables us to adopt the right approach, right away. Throwing money away is not our style at The List Media.

It’s great to get into the picture with a few nice social media posts, but if there is no underlying strategy, your posts will rapidly collapse like a house of cards. It’s more important to build a long-term collaboration, in which we at The List Media get to know your company inside out and take steps before you even realise that steps are necessary. We actively choose sustainable relationships which enable us to find dependable new clients for our clients.

We include the following topics

Website analysis
Social media strategy
Competitive analysis

Keyword & ad strategy
Conceptual development
Conversion optimisation

Branding analysis
Employer Branding Strategy
Persona research

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